Black Friday Sale


It’s that time of year. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday… the biggest shopping days of the year where retailers offer you outstanding deals in the hopes that you’ll clear out our inventory to get presents for yourself, your friends, your families, and all the secret santas you signed up for. So this year I’ve got a whole host of different ways to save some money on patches and stickers. I’ll list them here, and if you have any questions feel free to drop into the Discord server and ask. As always, thanks for your patronage and enjoy your patches!

1. Free shipping on US orders over $10 – I’ve had this in effect as long as COVID has been a thing and will keep it going. Make sure to select it in your cart. The value of your order before shipping and after discounts has to be above $10 for it to appear.

2. Many patches and stickers have been added to the Bargain Bin – these items have had their price reduced or are just inexpensive to begin with.

3. 30% off orders over $30 – Use the code “3030” to get 30% off patches and stickers on orders over $30!

4. 40% off orders over $120 – Use the code “BIGBLACKFRIDAY” to get 40% off patches and stickers on orders orders over $120!

5. FREE Tank Rampage Patch with the first 100 orders

6. FREE *randomly selected* reticle sticker with every order while supplies last, in addition to the usual free Badgerhound logo sticker.

7. BUNDLES are back – these can save you a few bucks on bundles of patches and stickers. They can be found in the Bargain Bin

*Please note that the discount codes will apply to everything except apparel. All the shirts and stuff are made to order so there’s not enough of a margin there to offer a discount – I will be working on stocking some designs to get costs down on apparel in 2021. That said, the price of an apparel item counts towards the minimum order amount.*

Ok, so as you can see there are a lot of ways to get a ton of stuff for a lot less than usual, especially the 40% off orders over $120. That is huge. Absolutely titanic. All of these are good now (11/25) through December 1st!