Kibbo Kift Patch


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The KIBBO KIFT were a post-First World War British outdoor-cum-political movement who sought to bring about global utopia by becoming ‘intellectual barbarians’; they believed by returning to nature, learning and mastering skills in woodsmanship, keeping body and mind fit and partaking in Germanic pagan-like ceremonies mankind would be able to reject war, poverty and the ills of urbanisation.

Members would craft the kit required for camping out and create colourful tents, costumes and totems. Groups were organised as ‘Things’, ‘Tribes’ and ‘Clans’, and would partake in excursions into the wilds of the British countryside – much like the German Wandervogel groups. Surcoats and sigils would mark out the office-holders of the groups, eg ‘Campswarden’, ‘Tallykeeper’, ‘Scribe’. Members would also take on a ‘woodcraft name’. By the 1930s the KK had morphed into the Green Shirts, a full-on, almost militaristic, political movement for monetary reform. With the banning of political uniforms in 1936 and the crackdown on the fascist ‘black shirts’, antifa ‘red shirts’ and other militaristic political parties the movement slowly died away. Dreams of a world utopia full of self-sufficient intellectual barbarians died when the shadow on the horizon of another war with Germany became a storm overhead in 1939.

This is a 3.5″ wide, embroidered, velcro backed patch.


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