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I have seen all stages of life. Birth, youth, young adulthood, old people, and people who died either of natural or unnatural causes.

Life is too short and too FUCKING BORING to spend with some square girl who is like a barbie doll. Shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch, wearing Ugg boots,and being stuck up on herself until she finally grows up at age 30 when she realizes she’s only getting older, fatter, wrinkly, and desperate because being a whore and being a slut puppy and wearing a fuckload more makeup than the entire band Kiss isn’t enough to keep people interested in her.

Dark girls, waifs..and whatnot. They’ve all had tough lives and have problems….real problems.

Not this emo, mall goth bullshit either. Like my “Hotaru”. She was kinda lonely and she was still in school, she drank because she was studying a lot. Sounds boring, but she was under a lot of pressure. Wishing I’d had more insight then than I do now…who knows. Too late now….but I kinda like that. You don’t understand how strict things can be for people. I know….especially my older situation. It causes resentment and ultimately nihilism where you don’t care how much you drink or pop. Didn’t help I was doing high stress stuff at the time….

Skipping all of that….there’s a difference between white trash bullshit people and real people who just have things kind of rough.

People who have lives….people who have ideals(and it’s not bad to have ideals). I’m rambling a bit….

but your fucking boring blonde girls who have fake and bake tans and trendy clothes bore me. I like girls who put their own spin on things with their own creativity. Who have their own mind because some of the best times of your life will be spent conversing with someone of a completely different gender than you who has a mind of their own. Like “love” only real. They make their own decisions and aren’t motivated by conformity or by what someone else made them do.

Because after the fucking and the arm candy…if there’s nothing there, then how and why was it worth it?

I won’t lie…most girls ARE boring because they are made that way. They form their own collectives and have to “fit in” much moreso than boys. Mindless creatures the most of them.

But the dark ones….who are sincere about it, the ones with their own minds. They are treasures.

Especially the black haired ones with blue eyes and pale skin.

Because if you do decide to become heterosexual life partners with them, they will likely outlive you. Do you really want to leave behind someone so frail as not to go on alone?

pictured is Agent M because I like her. It’s a shame Tsunami Bomb broke up.

Also keep in mind that some of your happiest times of your life will be the most miserable and vice versa.

Once you understand what I mean by that….then you will understand life.

My definition of Beauty is honesty and sincerity.

Not just mere aesthetics. I like pretty girls…but what I consider pretty is flaw and blemish at its most honest. I like lines….I like a girl who looks like she’s lived. I’m not saying I like some hideous bat faced bitch…but I like unique things that I find cute.

But most of all I like black hair, especially in a trommel cut.

Everything else is so boring. I don’t like fake and bake tans…I see it so much. I don’t like girls who look like barbie dolls or models. I don’t like fake tits. I like flat chests….I like honest breasts.

I don’t like butch….I don’t like so girly that they can’t be independent. I will die one day, yes I will. And I have no time for anyone weak, as I’m weak enough for myself.

The only problem is that like everything else I love in life it is so rare….so god damned rare.

Walther P88s….Discolites….Black haired, blue eyed waifs….

But everything I hate abounds in great quantity.

Also women, please do me a solid and stop shaving your damn crotches.

Landing strips and Barbie Doll bottoms are fucking annoying. Trim it if you feel you must, but goddamn leave your shit alone.

If it looks like you have Buckwheat in a frankensteiner then go ahead and do a little LIGHT trimming to take off some of the excess like dudes do with beards but otherwise LEAVE YOUR SHIT ALONE!

Also, glasses can be cute but if you’re totally blind without them…then man I dunno.

It’s easy to hate women, especially if you’re a man, because they don’t do the things you like.

Men fuck other men over all the time, but nobody gets as upset as when a woman screws over a man or vice versa.

It’s that whole gender thing. One thing I’ve learned in my time on this shitty rock revolving around the sun is that you really can’t change or help anyone who doesn’t want it. You can’t make people like you, in fact, by your very existence most people will hate you.

Right now, at this moment, there are some people in this world who don’t know you, have never gotten the time to meet you….

They’ve never gotten the time to discover your fears, dreams, anxieties, hopes, and nice thoughts for the future…

And they still want to cut your fucking head off anyways, just because of where you were born. Even if you’re a bleeding heart liberal…at best they view you as a useful idiot to further their cause and to be disposed of later. At worst you’re just another target for them.

But I like what I like and have no compunction about it.

Most people in this world are jerks anyways….and we’re all gonna die anyways either of natural or unnatural causes so it’s a bit of a waste to spend time with squares and barbie dolls.

I like girls with a bit of edge…a natural edge. Like…they’ll cook your food, wash your clothes, and they will love you.

But then….they could kill you in cold blood, too. Just because you needed it.

That’s sexy.

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