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First of all, I lead a pretty active lifestyle that requires a certain level of physical fitness.
What has been repeated to me over the years is “Your personal level of physical fitness is your responsibility and you shall be held accountable for it.” Some people slack off, I don’t.

Then again, I’m not some fitness freak either. What do I deem to be a fitness freak? Somebody who gets into powerlifting or running 50 mile marathons. Stuff like that. Those people will pay dearly for the ABUSE they do to their bodies. Joints, tendons, and ligaments can be damaged when people try to overload themselves to get faster or stronger. Being able to benchpress a lot of weight is fine, but you can lose flexibility and it is not a real world indicator of being able to manipulate body weight. Being a track star is great….and being fast is always a plus, but once you hit a certain age you’ll have put a lot of stress on your joints.

The way someone told me was, your body is like an automobile. You can do things to it that can make it faster or make it more powerful but by doing these things you can cause quicker wear and tear on it as it was not originally designed that way. If you give your body/car proper maintenance and care it should last you a good long while and give you great performance.

Plus it helps if you get in shape relatively young and kinda maintain it. It’s always hard to get into shape especially if you’ve been very sedentary. It’s painful and you pay for every inch.

First some tips:

–Quit smoking. I hate those freaking “Truth” ads and they piss me the hell off. But dudes, seriously, you are breathing smoke into your freaking lungs. What else can you expect? Yes, it does feel good. Yes it IS relaxing and yes you can find yourself wanting one but…seriously, quit smoking.

-Limit the alcohol/substance abuse: Now…I’m probably not the best person to crusade THIS particular cause, but I think I’ve kept the alcohol portion relatively in check. There was a time when I could drink anybody under the fucking table and then still want a few more rounds. As for substances, it’s not anyone’s place to judge what you put in your body that makes you feel better/kills your demons/enhances your chill….but both can affect you and make you sick. If not risk an OD. I’m not saying to totally abstain(like cigarettes…seriously if you habitually smoke you’ll pay later for it, same with this shit too), but TRY to do it in moderation.

–Don’t eat shit food. Seriously, eat what you need to eat but don’t just eat candy and fast food. Actually, the best lesson would be not to over eat.

— For God’s sake TAKE THE TIME TO STRETCH AND COOL DOWN. People ignore this way too often. Stretching helps you retain flexibility(which keeps you limber and able) and the cool down will help you prevent a freaking heart attack one day. Seriously take care of yourself.

— TAKE CARE OF YOUR DAMN FEET. Seriously, take care of the cuticles and pay attention to anything “out of the ordinary” on your feet. You don’t want to eat your damn feet up. Use powder, take care of them. Especially out in the world. Your feet are your life. I mean you use them probably more than any other body part.
Pick shoes that fit but aren’t too tight. I prefer Adidas shoes.
All Day I Dream About Sex. Yeah I know, but Adidas is German(for those interested)
Even Hotaru is wearing some. Her Adidas walks through concert doors and roams all over coliseum floors.

With all that said(If you’re still reading) here’s my personal regimen:

Stretches(all joints)
Push ups
Sit ups
Pull ups

more stretches(legs)

Run a mile and a half
Jog an extra mile or two

Walk about four
More stretches

I don’t lift weights because it’s unrealistic as you are supported by a bench or a chair. If I feel like I want to do extra I’ll just do more push ups.

I always do some variation of crunches but it is very vital to work abdominal muscles. To prevent beer bellies but also to give you better range of motion.

For personal weight manipulation, pull ups and occasionally just do a hang and time yourself.

For the most part just a variation of the Cooper Test(for those familiar).

I only run a mile an a half. It’s all I’m required to do and that’s as far as I’m willing to run. I don’t need to burn out my freaking joints going two or three or four miles. That’s stupid in my opinion and while you can get that far, that fast your joints will pay for it and I plan on being in good (more or less) condition later in life.

Now jogging is a bit different as you aren’t trying to just pound your joints and feet into the pavement or whatever. A steady pace and after a while it’s pretty relaxing.

I always walk at least the amount I have run or jogged as a cool down.

It’s what I’ve done for the last couple of years and so far it’s kept me in pretty good shape. All my old 90s clothes(and probably some of my 80s clothes/uniform if I still had them) fit. I can do all kinds of physical stuff and I have endurance.

That’s what works for me…..what I’m looking for is stamina without the sacrifice of strength and vice versa.

I’m not a fitness guru and don’t want to be. I’m just a guy that keeps in fairly decent shape.

The amount of reps you do is totally incumbent upon your ability. Everything in degrees. Make it a part of your lifestyle and routine. At least the basic calisthenics. After a while it’s like taking a bath or brushing your teeth. Just one more thing.

If it makes you better to lift weights, stick with free weights that don’t require you to be in a sitting or reclined position to use them.

Also….give yourself a month or at least two or three weeks before you start trying to increase the amount of reps. You want to gain strength not weakness and overdoing it can be counterproductive and unhealthy.

Also, try a little Yoga. It actually helps. I know it sounds lame and hippie, but seriously Yoga can be good for flexibility. Also try to find a sport you like and play that so it remains fun.

Vidya Gaems don’t count.

FWIW I hope that helps.



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