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Dachshunds have made a positive impact on the sport of falconry in the United States, particularly among rabbit and squirrel hawkers. The dachshund is used to jump and run the rabbit, giving the hawk more opportunities to catch the cottontail. Dachshunds are intelligent enough to work with the hawk in catching rabbits and understand the team approach in conjunction with the falconer and hawk.

A dachshund used in squirrel hawking will help tree squirrels, and by running around on the ground under the trees, will help keep the squirrel in the treetops, thus making the rodent more accessible to the hawk. Also, the dachshund can be taught not to run in on the hawk when it has captured its quarry, thus these hounds are non-threatening to a bird of prey used in hawking.

Dachshunds will eagerly flush gamebirds for a hunting hawk. Due to its small size and thorough hound-like hunting style, a falconer can use a dachshund efficiently in areas of limited habitat and cover.


This is a 4″ tall, embroidered, velcro backed patch.


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