Virginia State Flag Patch


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The Virginia State Flag Patch is based on the Virginia State Flag, which has a deep blue field with a circle of white in the center on both sides of the flag. In this white circle Virginia’s coat of arms is painted or embroidered, as described by the convention of 1776 (also the description of Virginia’s state seal):

“Virtus, the genius of the commonwealth, dressed like an Amazon, resting on a spear with one hand, and holding a sword in other, and treading on tyranny, represented by a man prostrate, a crown fallen from his head, a broken chain in his left hand and a scourge in his right. In the exergon the word Virginia over the head of Virtus, and underneath the words “Sic Semper Tyrannis.”

The Virginia State Flag Patch is 4″ tall and velcro backed.


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